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Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs ORGANIZED MAY 1907 PRESIDENT MISS HELEN NORRIS CUMMINGS 606 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Va. FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. JOHN L. HAGAN 254 Jefferson Street, Danville, Va. SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT MISS LETA SERPELL Norfolk, Va. THIRD VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. WALTER RUAN Bedford, Va. GENERAL FEDERATION SECRETARY MRS. MANLEY M. CALDWELL Virginia Heights, Roanoke, Va. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY MRS. GEORGE T. KLIPSTEIN 607 Prince Street, Alexandria, Va. RECORDING SECRETARY MRS. F. C. DAVIS Lexington, Va. TREASURER MRS. MARK REID Radford, Va. AUDITOR MRS. FRANK THOMAS ISRAEL Fairfax, Va. GENERAL FEDERATION MAGAZINE CORRESPONDENT MRS. RICHARD B. SPINDLE Christiansburg, Va. PARLIAMENTARIAN MRS. ELEANOR S. W. HOWARD Lynchburg, Va., March 18-1913 Mrs. Beverly B. Munford, Richmond, Virginia, My dear Mrs. Munford, I am sending you by express to-day the long delayed list of University of Virginia alumni, with apologies for its manifold omissions and imperfections. The latest list published is no later than 1909-10, and judging from the names in Lynchburg and other localities with which I am familiar, that was far from correct even when published. My stenographer evidently did not stake her reputation as a typist upon this work, and I have not taken the time to correct it, the list being for foundation and not record work. In sorting the slips, I perhaps have left out some, and in a few cases I have not included the duplicate copy furnished to enable you to communicate more readily with your assistants I shall probably find these missing slips when I go over the third copy which I am keeping in my office until you tell me where to send it. I had this triplate copy made because I thought it wise to have one full set somewhere. So long as it remains in my office, I shall take pleasure in noting upon it any corrections reported to me. The list in duplicate for the other six districts will be delivered to Miss Lucy Davis on Wednesday of this week, although she says she will not be able to do anything with it - for the present at least. My hands are too full of nearer obligations for me to undertake anything further in connection with the College, but the work has my full sympathy and interest. Cordially Anna L. Jones