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OFFICE OF C. E. JONES SHIPPING POINT, EXPRESS AND POST OFFICE CARYSBROOK, VIRGINIA TELEGRAPH STATION, COLUMBIA VIRGINIA AIR LINE RAILWAY, C&O. PHONE 86R. PALMYRA TELEPHONE CO. CARYSBROOK, VA.,191 3 as the Richd Reservoir. About the matter you are writing about, a coordinate college for women at the University of Va. When the matter was first broached I took a po sition against it, for the reason that I am opposed to anything like co education of the sexes, but if it can be held down to coordination, I am somewhat inclined to believe that the changing times demand it, but no matter what the times demand I am against anything like coeducation, or any thing that will bring about too much familiarity of the sexes, & the low ering of that respect for women that all men should have for such as de serve respect. I have no idea what our executive committee will do with it, or if any action will be taken at all, more than to say that so far as I could see from Mrs Munfords informal talk to us at Lynchburg, a favorable impress ion was made, & I must say myown previous views were weakened. We will meet again around the 10" of July, & I will endeavour to bring the matter up for discussion at least, & I see no reason why we should not take action by that time. My wife joins me in love. Affectionately Cousin Charlie