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[imprinted letterhead] Rectory St. John's Church 910 Orchard Hill, Roanoke, Va.

Nov. 8, 1917 My dear Miss McKenney. In reply to yours of Nov. 1 - Mrs. Goodwin tells me she has written you of our interviews with Miss Stiff and Mr. Andrews. Miss Stiff is heartily interested in the Coordinate College and is in a position to be helpful to the cause in the County - I fear that Mr. Andrews density is impervious in spite of his "two years at the University" and the "prestige" that he acknowledges this privilege has always meant to him. He wonders why the women are not satisfied with Farmville "College". He is the kind that will have to "die off" or be convinced by the majority of his constituency - I have found the teachers very much interested, and they want to Record more about it - Mr. McQuilkin, the Supt. of the High School is going to be a help to us. I have supplied him with data that you sent me - A member of the College Club, Miss Sally Heyward, a near