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[imprinted letterhead] Rectory St. John's Church, 910 Orchard Hill, Roanoke, Va.

Feb 10, 1918. Mrs B B Munford, Richmond Va My dear Mrs. Munford: In response to Miss McKenney's letter of Feb. 7. asking me to reach Judge Moffett, I went to see him yesterday and had a long talk with him. He realizes that Va is doing her women a great injustice in not giving them higher education, but he prefers to see the establishment of a separate institution. I tried to show him the impracticality of that, and before I left he promised me to write to Mr. Sinclair Brown, asking him to vote for the bill. He said frankly that he was doing it only because I and other good women had asked him to do so. Besides I have succeeded in getting Mr. C. E. Micheal to write letters both to Mr Andrews and Mr. Brown. He is one of the most influential men here and worked against the Co-ordinate College last time. He wrote me that after the information I had given him he could not conscientiously oppose it any longer. Mr Joe Turner is in Washington, but I believe he will be true to his changed convictions, & write the letters we have asked him to write & those of his wife After all our efforts to educate the Editor of the Rke Times, he has to day perpetrated the inclosed editorial. Can you send us a telegram as soon as you receive this denying his statement that "the president, rector, board of visitors and student body are practically a unit against it"? This would help greatly in answering the editorial - I hope the editorial has come out too late to do any real harm. Mr. Chapman's editorials are not of a quality to be taken seriously, however, there are always unthinking