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I have written J. F. H. Gaines, Agnes Scott College, Deaction Ga for a letter for Miss Despatet. He is Pres. of the College. Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs ORGANIZED MAY, 1907 PRESIDENT MRS. M. M. CALDWELL, VIRGINIA HEIGHTS, ROANOKE, VA. GENERAL FEDERATION SECRETARY MRS. J. R. KYLE 1106 FEDERAL ST., LYNCHBURG, VA. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: MRS. F. R. HURT 404 14TH AVE., S.W., ROANOKE, VA. RECORDING SECRETARY: MRS. W. T. HARRIS 1114 MAIN ST., DANVILLE, VA. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: MRS. E. W. HOWARD 317 N. WASHINGTON ST., ALEXANDRIA, VA. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: MISS IZORA DE WOLF HIGHLAND SPRINGS, VA. TREASURER; MRS. J. C. KING MARION, VA. AUDITOR: MRS. M. LEE WATKINS KEYSVILLE, VA. KEYSTONE CORRESPONDENT: MRS. F. E. BROWN ROANOKE, VA. 1106 Federal St Lynchburg Va. Feb 24, 1914 My dear Mrs. Munford, I enclose the endorsement of the R.M.W.C. Alumnae Asso. You may notice that it is made out in my handwriting. I was authorized by Mrs. Menefee who was appointed to send it in, to fill out this blank & forward it to you, for the reason that she had lost the blank sent her and had been unable to communicate with Miss Davis. Her chapter acted upon it in proper order, but did not think of its having to be signed by the President & Sec. I was authorized over pleased to do it for them in order to save the delay of a whole day or more. I've been busy today, and am about