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Subject: Relative to Co-Ordinate College. Norfolk & Western Railway Company F.H. LABAUME Agricultural & Industrial Agent Roanoke, Virginia March. 15th. 1918.

Mrs. Mary Mumford, Chairman Gent. Com., Co-Ordinate College League, Richmond,-----VA.

Dear Mrs. Mumford,-

I have your letter of the 14th. inst. and I want to express my personal appreciation of the efforts put forth by yourself and your colleagues in your determination to provide adequate educational facilities for Virginia womanhood.

Of course the non-passage of this bill is a dissapointment [disappointment] to all of us who hoped to see it passed by the Legislature of 1926. Opposition, however, will beget renewed energy I am sure and eventually I believe that our Virginia citizenship will overcome their conservatism and demand the facilities along these lines that other states are rapidly acquiring. I extend heartiest wishes for the early consumation [consummation] of your plans for the invaluable contribution to Virginia femininity which you have so energetically advocated and defended. Very sincerely yours, F.H. LaBaume Copy Miss Virginia McKenney Mrs. M.M. Caldwell Miss Ella Agnew Mrs. T.W. Goodwin