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Dear Mr [blank],

As a candidate for the next legislature of Virginia, it will be your desire to understand with reference to all disputed measures the facts on which you may base an independent and just verdict. We learn that circulars have been sent out to all candidates for the legislature, including yourself, asking in the name of the Farmer's Union that you vote against the proposed Co-ordinate College for women, to be located at Charlottesville. The opposition to the establishment of this College proceeds from two sources: - in the first place, from a group of the alumni of the University who are unwilling to recognize this great opportunity for the University to expand its field of service; in the second place, from a group of persons who claim that the establishment of the College would divert funds from the common schools. The reality is that the Co-ordinate College is being urged precisely because in the minds of the people who are the devoted and proven friends of the whole school system in Virginia it is the one thing needful to make the public school system increasingly efficient. The school laws of Virginia require that teachers in the high schools shall have a college degree. It is in the high schools that the future teachers of the elementary schools are trained. Without good high school teachers there can be no good trained material for elementary school teachers. Without good elementary school teachers there could be no good schools for the masses of boys and girls. Is it not right, therefore, that Virginia should give to her teachers in the highest grades that training which they need, which her law requires, and which under the present conditions they must go somewhere, often outside the state, at their own expense to gain?