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Form A6 9-26 17 5000 Railway Light Power F. C. Todd, President W. R. Morton, Sec'y & Treas.

Charlottesville & Albemarle Railway Company Charlottesville, Va. January 24, 1918

(top right column) Power John L. Livers. Vice-Pres. & Gen. Mgr.

Dear Mrs. Munford: - I have just had a talk over the telephone with Mr. McNutt and am sure that we will have no trouble with him in supporting in every way the Co-ordinate College bill. However, he asked me to come down tomorrow, and in the meantime get the views of some local people in reference to same. I explained to him that the Chamber of Commerce approved unanimously of the bill as presented, and am sure that he will give it his aid. I am enclosing herewith a copy of the "Alumni News" which has an article I thought you would enjoy reading. Have just had a talk with Dr. Maphis and he advised that it was just a suggestion of the committee the other day, and not to be added to the bill as an amendment, that the Board of Visitors establish the college when they got the funds, and that he was not in favor of it if it would be harmful to the bill, which in my judgement it would be. We have answered with an editorial in the Progress today under the title "The Charge of the Light Brigade" the action of the students of the University. I am very glad indeed that Dr. Ralston will vote with us. It does seem if we can turn such hard heads as his that the bill as presented should certainly be successful. Mr. McNutt desires me to come down so I will leave here at noon tomorrow and will have a full conference with him tomorrow evening; will also arrange to get to see you while in Richmond, and hope to attend the hearing of the Schools & Colleges Committee on Saturday A. M. Dr. Maphis did not think he would get to Richmond on Saturday, nor did her know if Dr. Alderman was going. Neither of them has received a letter written them by Mr. McNutt. However, if they should go down, no doubt we will go on the same train and I will have a chance to talk with them. With kind regards, John L. Livers