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Charlottesville, Va., February 25,1916

Mrs. Mary B. Munford, 503 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Dear Mrs. Munford: - In reply to your telephone conversation this A. M., wish to advise that Mr. J. R. Cary is out of Clifton Forge but is expected back this evening, and I have left word for him to call me, so that i will take up with him in reference to him having Bill Tinsley request B. C. Goodwin vote for the Co-ordinate College. I am unable to find out anything definite as to the appointment of A. F. Robertson, as to whether it is the young man or his father - some say one, and some the other. I am enclosing you herewith copy of Dr. Dillard's letter to Mr. Davis Reed. It contains very little, as he expected to see Mr. Reed and explain further to him. The bill he refers to is the McNutt bill, copy of which Davis Reed sent him. He also sent a copy of this letter to Mr. H. D. Dillard but wrote him nothing further, and I do not know whether Mr. Dillard will understand same or not, as he has never met Dr. H. H. Dillard, who says that his father and, he believes, Mr. H. D. Dillard's father met on their wedding trips, and he asked me to ask Mr. Dillard if he knows Mr. Hughes Dillard. I was at Dr. Dillard's office this A. M. and sorry to say he is sick in bed, and while he expected to go to New York tomorrow will now be unable to go, but just as soon as he is out of bed, I will see if I cannot arrange for him to go down to Richmond. In the meantime, I feel sure that it will be well for you to speak to Mr. H. D. Dillard and get him and Mr. Davis Reed together, and am sure that Mr. Reed after receiving Dr. Dillard's letter, in whom he has the utmost confidence, will be influenced. Dr. Dillard, as you will not, is in favor of co-education at the University of Virginia, However, he feels that some bill should be passed allowing