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FORM A6 9-26-17 5000 RAILWAY LIGHT POWER F. C. TODD, PRESIDENT W. R. MORTON, SEC'Y & TREAS. JOHN L. LIVERS, VICE-PRES. & GEN. MGR. CHARLOTTESVILLE & ALBEMARLE RAILWAY COMPANY Charlottesville, Va. March 22nd 1918. Mrs. Mary-C. B. Munford, 503 E. Grace St. Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Munford:- Yours of the 21st, with copy of letter to Dr. Alderman enclosed, has been received and for which please accept many thanks.

I appreciate very much indeed your kind expressions, and I assure you that it was a pleasure to me to be of any assistance to you in the work of increasing the efficiency of the University.

I heartily agree with your views in Dr. Alderman's letter and feel sure that if Dr. Alderman would have co-operated with us, as we were led to believe last Summer, before the Board of Visitors met, he would do, that we would have been more successful, but the action of the Board of Visitors was such that I am sure it interfered a great deal with the work and gave our opponents an argument in opposition to it such as they should never have had.

I will have a talk with Dr. Dillard and will arrange a meeting with Mr. H. D. Dillard and himself and I hope to be able to get H. D. Dillard as an advocate of our cause. I gained the same impression in my talk with Mr. Dillard as you express in your letter to Dr. Alderman.

I am very glad to know that Mr. Pence did such good work with the Republicans and I hope that we can have him sent back again.

Thanking you again for your letter and with kind regards, I remain, Very truly yours, John L. Livers