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VIRGINIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, W. GORDON MCCABE, PRESIDENT WILLIAM G. STANARD, CORRESPONDING SECRETARY AND LIBRARIAN. ROBERT A. LANCASTER, JR., TREASURER. ANNUAL DUES $5.00 LIFE MEMBERSHIP 50.00 RICHMOND, VA., Jan 11 1916. My dear Mrs. Munford I know you as too good a friend of Mary's to [illegible] anything which may injure her. While her heart is somewhat better her [illegible] is not at all [illegible] with her blood pressure [illegible] about to put her through a course of treatment which will help in the end; [illegible] will be [illegible] now. Her best hope for decades improvement is to have intense rest & absolute freedom from any responsibility which can be avoided for many months to come. Looking after her [illegible] house & looking