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-5- It may be presumptuous for me to say so, but knowing as I do something with reference to the temper of the Legislature and the general educational situation in the State, if I were either a member of the faculty or of the Board of Visitors of the University, I should press such a measure with all the strength and power at my command upon the attention of the Legislature, which is about to assemble. It is, I believe, our one and last opportunity of avoiding co-education. It will give the university an adequate chance to serve the State during the period of the war, which with the disappearance of the boys, becomes increasingly difficult. It is the best chance of saving the State from completing the policy of what is known as "College Education" at four points in the State, which expenditures will always compete with the University in its demands upon the State for funds for the higher education for women. And lastly, it will give this ancient institution almost the most promising educational opportunity of the twentieth century, namely, to have a share in the education and the direction of the thought and purpose of the trained womanhood of our country. This letter is already too long, but there seemed much that I needed to say. In closing, may I reiterate and emphasize the fact that if the University will lead, we will follow, and personally, the best I have, so far as my strength and other duties permit, is now, as it has always been, at the disposal of the movement for the establishment at the University of a Co-ordinate College for women. Sincerely yours, Chairman.

Committee Mary C. B. Munford (Mrs. B. B.), Chairman Virginia S. McKenney, Vice-chairman Kate Pleasants Minor (Mrs. E. C.) Janet Henderson Weaver Randolph (Mrs. N. V.) Juanita Massie Patterson, (Mrs. M. C.) Mary Newton Stanard (Mrs. W. G.) Cornelia Adair Bessie Porter Taylor Katherine Scott Sally Nelson Robins (Mrs. Wm. P.) Ruth Nelson Gordon (Mrs. Thos. C.)