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we are trying to wait developments and be prepared to act when the right time comes. Meantime, we are continuing to get our women to write to the Governor and the members of the Legislature, urging upon them the importance and gravity of the situation. I was sincerely disappointed at the action of the Board, and it has naturally done great damage to the whole situation and made it almost impossible for us to know ho to move. I wish that we might have been given the opportunity which we expected to have, to have appeared before the Board previous to any adverse action. Of course, my letter to you, I understood, was read to the Board, but this was a personal letter to you and not in any sense a fully presentation of the matter to the Board, bu rather an explanation of the necessities of the case and the position of the Woman's Committee. I am enclosing you a copy of the statement of the Woman's Committee as we are sending it to the larger dailies of the State. I hope you will approve of it from every point of view. Please treat it as confidential, since it is not to be released until Thursday, the 17th, and it is important that its contents should not be known until then. I do hope the New Year finds you stronger, and that it may bring you many good things. With sincere good wishes, and thanking you for your letter, I am, with high regards, Sincerely yours,