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University of Virginia Department of Engineering Charlottesville

Office of the Dean November 25, 1919.

Mrs. B. B. Munford, Richmond, Va. Dear Mrs. Munford: I was deeply gratified to receive from you a copy of your letter to Dr. Alderman. I have read it with deep interest. It came too late for me to talk with any members of the board. They had adjourned before I received the letter. I am told however, that President Alderman brought up the topic before the board and found them interested in it. The plan you suggest is, of course, the inevitable step. My only doubt is whether the time has yet come to take it. The war swamped our graduate work. A large influx of new students has concentrated attention on undergraduate study, and left the graduate courses in the air. As far as I know there is less graduate work going on here now and less investigation conducted by members of the faculty than at any time for the last twenty years. Everybody is absorbed in work of a lower grade. I should hate to see the experiment which you advocate attempted until the University enlarge its faculty enough to cope with the present load of immature students. As soon as that can be done the widening of our graduate instruction ought to be undertaken. I continue of course to feel a deep interest in your plans, and shall be glad to be of any service in my