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503 East Grace Street, Richmond, Va.

March 16th, 1914. 

Senator L. O. Wendenburg,

Richmond, Va.
My dear Senator Wendenburg:- 
                                                      I want to put in writing what I have tried to say in person, namely, how sincerely we women appreciate the fine work you have done during this session of the Legislature in connection with the Co-ordinate College Bill. the 30,000 women whose organizations are lined i up behind this movement, feel a very deep appreciation for the services which have been rendered by the patrons of this Bill in the Senate. We feel you have won a great victory and we know that ultimate success under your leadership is assured. For myself, I feel I must say that I have not failed to note your patience and helpfulness in the many conferences we have held relative to the passage of this Bill. No group of women could have had better counselors, or more willing and aggressive leaders than it has been our privilege to enjoy in the Senate of 1914. Thank you both personally, and in the name of the Women's Committee. You must continue to fight for us and surely next time victory is assured. 

With genuine appreciation, Yours very truly,

                                                                                  Chairman of the Women's Committee