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November 19, 1917. My dear Mrs Munford Can you furnish me now a complete list of the members of the coming legislature in both branches ? I think you are usually very adequately informed on this, and I am wondering whether you could not help the University by sharing your knowledge ? We have lists of the candidates, but cannot verify all the results of elections. I will appreciate it very much if you can send me the list, or let me know where I can secure one. I regret I had no chance to talk with you and Miss McKenney on your visit here. There was much to be said and I very strongly sympathized with you, both in your position and in the personal sacrifice you must have felt. I fear greatly the University will let this golden opportunity pass again. Can we not do something more effective to present the need ? I am in very close touch with the student control of College Topics. I have suggested that they get an interview from you and begin an educational campaign on the need for co-ordination to off-set possible co-education. If you care to give them personal views, and data, I believe they would give you a square presentationas far as lies in their power. This is just a suggestion to show I have thought of the question very seriously. If I can be of service in any way, Let me know. I hate to think of the chance passing without any effort, yet I fear if you depened on the active backing and authority of th3 president you will be disappointed. He is just not active - nor so effective as before. With the sincerest personal regards, I am Most faithfully yours [Snow Whiffle?]. Box 25 Univesity Virginia.