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Headquarters American Federation of Labor, 801-809 G St., N.W., Washington D.C. Dec. 22, 1909. To all organized labor: The petitions circulated by the National-American Woman's Suffrage Association for signature and then presentation to the Congress of the United States, have been widely distributed among trade unionists and those friendly to equal suffrage. However, many of the petitions after being signed, have not been thus far forwarded to the Association. The American labor movement stands committed for equality of opportunity, for equal pay for equal work, whether performed by men or women. It also stands for equal rights before the law and that implies equal suffrage in the selection of those who shall administer and execute the law. The purpose of my writing is to urge not only the general signing of the petitions, but after they are signed that they be sent to Mrs. Rachel Foster Avery, 1823 H. Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Trusting that all will array in this effort to secure justice, I am, Fraternally yours, Samuel Gompers, President, American Federation of Labor. NOTE:- All petitions circulated throughout the State of Pennsylvania should be sent to Mrs. Rachel Foster Avery, Swarthmore, Pa. and all petitions must be returned before March 15, 1910.