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Hill Montague
[letterhead] Hill Montague
Counsellor at Law
Counsellor at Law
Richmond, Virginia
Richmond, Virginia

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[letterhead] Hill Montague Counsellor at Law Richmond, Virginia

July 12th [1910] Mrs. B.B. Valentine, City, Dear Mrs. Valentine: I saw in the papers recently that you are interested, along with other ladies of this city, in the movement to give women the right of suffrage. It seems to me proper that I should write to say that, as at present advised, I can see no good reason why this request should be denied. I have no doubt of the eventual success of the movement, and think that the ladies of Richmond are proceeding in the right way. All this means that I should not offer any opposition if Mrs. Montague should be given the same right to vote which I enjoy- Respectfully yours, Hill Montague.