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[letterhead] The Equal Suffrage League of Virginia, 307 East Franklin Street, Richmond, VA ________________ 191___

Board of Directors. Mrs. Charles G. [Kate Lee Langley] Bosher. 108 North Sixth Street, Richmond VA.

Mrs. Cary Glasgow McCormack 1 West Main Street, Richmond, VA.

Mrs. S Dabney Crenshaw, 919 West Franklin St, Richmond, VA.

Miss Marie Lealey, 1619 West Grace Street, Richmond, VA.

Miss Anna Furness 201 East Cary Street, Richmond, VA.

Miss Roberta Wellford [W or H] 6 East Franklin St, Richmond VA.

Miss Eloise Johnston, 110 E. Franklin Street, Richmond VA.

Mrs. J.J. Dabney, Rio Tista, VA.

Miss Mary Johnston 110 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, VA