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Conservation of Human Resources
[letterhead] Conservation of Human Resources
American Association for Labor Legislation
American Association for Labor Legislation
(American Section of the International Association)
(American Section of the International Association)

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[letterhead] Conservation of Human Resources American Association for Labor Legislation (American Section of the International Association)

General Officers President, Henry R. Seager, Colombia University. Vice Presidents:

   Jane Addams, Chicago.
   Louis D. Brandeis, Boston.
   Robert W. Deforest, New York City
   Richard T. Ely, Madison, Wisconsin
   Samuel Gompers, Washington, D.C.
   Morton D. Hull, Chicago,
   J.W. Jenks, Ithaca, N.Y.
   Frederick N. Judson, St. Louis.
   Paul M. Warburg, New York City.
   Woodrow Wilson, Trenton, N.J.

Secretary, John B. Andrews, Metropolitan Tower, New York City. Assistant Secretary, Irene Osgood Andrews. Treasurer, V. Everit Macy, New York City. _________

Publications American Labor Legislation Review (Quarterly) _________ Bulletin of the International Labor Office (Quarterly) _________ Monthly Department in the Survey _________ Special Legislative Reports _________ National Headquarters

Executive Committee John Calder, Ilion, N.Y. John R. Commons, Madison, Wisconsin. Henry W. Farnam, New Haven. Ernst Freund, Chicago. Frederick L. Hoffman, Newark, N.J. Paul Kellogg, New York City. Samuel McCunb Lindsay, New York City. John Mitchell, Mount Vernon, N.Y. Charles P. Neill, Washington, D.C. Clinton Rogers Woodruff, Philadelphia. The President and the Secretary.

Metropolitan Tower, New York City, March 29, 1912

General Administrative Council (In addition to the officers) Thomas Sewall Adams, Madison. Felix Adler, New York City. Caroline B. Alexander, Hoboken, N.J. Magnus W. Alexander, Lynn. Leo Arnstein, New York City. George E. Barnett, Baltimore. James D. Beck, Madison. Sophonisba P. Breckenridge, Chicago. John Graham Brooks, Cambridge. Daniel L. Cease, Cleveland. E.J. Cornish, New York City. Edgar T. Davies, Chicago. John W. Davis, Clarksburg, W. Va. Miles M. Dawson, New York City. Edwin W. De leon, New York City. Edward T. Devine, New York City. Mary Dreler, Brooklyn. Otto M. Eldlltz, New York City. Elizabeth G. Evans, Boston. Edward A. Filene, Boston. Bernard Flexner, Louisville. Lee K. Frankel, New York City. Lee K. Frankel, New York City. John P. Frey, Cincinnati. Andrew Furuseth, San Francisco. Charles F. Gettemy, Boston. John Golden, Fall River. Josephine Goldmark, New Tork City. John H. Gray, Minneapolis. E. M. Grossman, St. Louis. Alice Hamilton, Chicago. Henry J. Harris, Washington, D.C. Leonard W. Hatch, Albany. Rowland G. Hazard, Peace Dale, R.L. Charles R. Henderson, Chicago. Robert Hunet, Noroton, Conn. Florence Kelley, New York City. Owen R. Lovejoy, New Tork City. James A. Lowell, Boston. James M. Lynch, Indianapolis. Charles McCarthy, Madison. William D. Mahon, Detroit. John Martin, New York City. Andrew Jackson Montague, Richmond. Anne Morgan, New York City, Thomas M. Osborne, Auburn, N.Y. Charles E. Osborne, Auburn, N.Y. Simon N. Patten, Philadelphia. A.J. Pillsbury, San Francisco. Roscoe Pound, Cambridge. Perry F. Powers, Lansing, Mich. Mrs. Raymond Robins, Chicago. I.M. Rubinow, New York City. John A. Ryan, St. Paul. J.G. Schmidlapp, Cincinnati. Louis B. Schram, Brooklyn. P. Tecumseh Sherman, New York City. Henry L. Stimson, Washington, D.C. Helen L. SUmner, Washington, D.C. David Van Schaack, Hartford. John Williams, Albany. Robert A. Woods, Boston.

Special To Our Members:

   The passage of our phosphorus match bill by the House of Representatives on March 28, advances the measure to the Senate Finance Committee.
   Our two year's campaign to abolish "Phossy Jaw" will be successful within the near future if we all now unite in a final appeal for action.
   Please write or telegraph immediately to members of the Senate Finance Committee, Washington, D.C. (list enclosed), and also secure from the two Senators from your own State a promise to vote for and actively support "the phosphorus match bill."

Sincerely yours,

Henry W. Farnam

Samuel McCune Lindsay Henry R. Seager

Legislative Committee.

John B. Andrews Secretary.