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[letterhead] Central Labor Union of Newport News, Virginia Organized to Protect - Not Combined to Oppress Our Field the World Our Cause Humanity

Meets every Friday night Central Labor Union Hall 32nd Street and Wash'n Ave.

Organized 1899. Affiliated with American Federation of Labor.

Newport News, Va., April 8 1912

Mrs Alice M Tayler, Secy

Equal Suffrage League of Virginia, Richmond Va.

My Dear Mrs Tyler:

In reply to your letter of April 6th, beg me to say that we have made arrangements to have our committee meet Mrs. Johnston at the station, together with Mrs Kate Ellis Wise and other ladies. We have decided to hold the meeting int he central Labor Union Hall but many are of the opinion that the seating capacity will not be sufficient. However in he event we find that a change is necessary it will in no wise disturb the present Program.

Assuring you of every effort t make the stay of Miss Johnston