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[letterhead]Virginia Federation of Labor Farmers' Educational and Co-Operative Union, D.M. Gannaway, President. H.L. Petty, Secretary-Treasurer. Executive Board. C.S. Gordon, W.P. Massie, C.M. Abbott, D.M. Blankenship, J.W. Cawthorn, Jr. Legislative Committee. A.B. Thornhill, D.M. Gannaway Business Agent, A.B. Thornhill, Bent Creek, Va. Lecturer. Thos. H. Steele Chairman Joint Legislative Committee. E.C. Davison, Richmond, Va

Virginia Federal of Labor Officers Phil Metz, President. E.C. Davison, Secretary-Treasurer Executive Board Phil Metz, R.B. Eberly, E.C. Davison, J.B. Clinedinst, M.M. Lollo. Legislative Committee. W.K. Hutchens, Chairman. Howard T. Colvin, E.C. Davison Attorney for Federation. Richard Evelyn Byrd, Mutual Building, Richmond, Va. Editors of Virginia Federation of Labor Journal Howard T. Colvin, Alexandria, Va. Chas. G. Kizer, Norfolk, Va. Mrs. Alice Tyler, Richmond, Va.

Office of Secretary-Treasurer Box 836 Richmond, Va April 13th 1912 Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Bryan Building City

Dear Mrs. Tyler:- Enclosed please find Credentials for the Seventeenth Annual Convention of the Virginia Federation of Labor.

I trust that the League will do us the honor to have Fraternal Delegates present.

Yours Truly E.C. Davison Sec. Treas