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[letterhead]Virginia Federation of Labor Farmers' Educational and Co-Operative Union, D.M. Gannaway, President. H.L. Petty, Secretary-Treasurer. Executive Board. C.S. Gordon, W.P. Massie, C.M. Abbott, D.M. Blankenship, J.W. Cawthorn, Jr. Legislative Committee. A.B. Thornhill, D.M. Gannaway Business Agent, A.B. Thornhill, Bent Creek, Va. Lecturer. Thos. H. Steele Chairman Joint Legislative Committee. E.C. Davison, Richmond, Va

Virginia Federal of Labor Officers Phil Metz, President. E.C. Davison, Secretary-Treasurer Executive Board Phil Metz, R.B. Eberly, E.C. Davison, J.B. Clinedinst, M.M. Lollo. Legislative Committee. W.K. Hutchens, Chairman. Howard T. Colvin, E.C. Davison Attorney for Federation. Richard Evelyn Byrd, Mutual Building, Richmond, Va. Editors of Virginia Federation of Labor Journal Howard T. Colvin, Alexandria, Va. Chas. G. Kizer, Norfolk, Va. Mrs. Alice Tyler, Richmond, Va.

Office of Secretary-Treasurer Box 836 March 30, 2912

Call for the Seventeenth Annual Convention of the Virginia Federation of Labor To all Central Trades and Labor Councils and Trades and Labor Unions in Virginia: Greeting-The Seventeenth Annual Convention of the Virginia Federation of Labor will be called to order in the City of Lynchburg, Va., on Tuesday, June 4th at 10:00 A.M. Every labor organization in the State should be represented at this convention as it means the consolidation of the Labor Movement in Virginia to the end that Labor should be a recognized factor in the State in dealing with questions looking to the uplift of humanity.

The past year has been a very strenuous one for the Labor movement and success can only be attained by concerted action on the part of all elements that are organized for the bettering of the conditions of the laboring classes.

You are requested to send your full quoto [quota] of delegates to this convention and assist in consolidating the Labor Movement in Virginia as we are all working to the same end regardless of our individual opinions and beliefs and the success of the movement is as much to your interest as any one else.

Labor legislation cannot be secured by organizations working at cross purposes, but if our energies are united, nothing in reason can be denied us successfully.

ARTICLE IV - REPRESENTATION Section 1. Each Trades Council or Central Labor Union shall be entitled to five delegates and each Local Union of fifty members or less to one delegate with one additional delegate for each fifty members in excess of the first fifty, or fractional part therof.

Sec. 2. Delegates shall not be entitled to seats in this Federation unless the per capita tax, etc., of their organization shall have been paid in full to the first of May, or whose Union is not affiliated with the Central Union or Trades Council in their locality, if one exists.

ARTICLE IX - GENERAL Section 1. Representatives and Alternates to the Federation shall be elected not later than the first day of May and Secretaries of Affiliated bodies shall notify the Secretary-Treasurer of the Federaltion within five days after such election, furnishing him with the names of the delegates and alternates and such other information as may be required.

The Virginia Federation has fully proved its usefulness to the Labor Movement and it only remains for every Delegate to be present at the Convention and do all in his power to make the Federation of more value to each member connected with it.

Fraternally yours, E.C. Davison, Secretary-Treasurer