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[letterhead] WOMAN SUFFRAGE PARADE Saturday Afternoon, May 4, 1912 Organized by the Women's Political Union 46 East Twenty-ninth Street New York City Telephone, Madison Square 9880 9881 (seal in top right corner) Votes For Women Women's Political Union OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD Harriot Stanton Blatch President Elizabeth Ellsworth Cook Vice-President Marcia Townsend Treasurer Eunice Dana Brannan, Chairman Finance Committee

Nora Blatch de Forest Rose Perkins Hale Dora G.S. Hazard Florence Kelley Alice J.G. Perkins Elizabeth Selden Rogers

Caroline Lexow Executive Secretary

PARADE COMMITTEE Mrs. M.E. Alexander Mrs. F.M. Bjorkman Miss Katherine D. Blake Mrs. Stanton Blatch Mrs. J. W. Brannan Mrs. Raymond Brown Mrs. Emily Butterworth Miss Jeane Cassard Miss Maria Bowen Chapin Mrs. John Corbin Miss Mary Dreier Mrs. Gudrum Lochen Drewson Miss Caroline King Duer Mrs. R.E. Ely Miss E.C. Irving Mrs. W.H.Fain Mrs. Cyrus W. Field Mrs. William Floyd Miss Katherine Foot Mrs. Henry B. Fuller Mrs. W. Glackens Miss Annie W. Goodrich Mme. E. Gregori Mrs. C.E. Knoblauch Mrs. Joseph Larocque Miss Alice Lewisohn Miss Irene Lewisohn Miss M. Maynard Miss H.L. Maynard Mrs. H.W. Miller Mrs. Daniel Morgan Miss Leonora O'Reilly Mrs. James R. Parsons Dr. Martha Peebles Miss K. A. Penrose Miss A.J.G. Perkins Miss Frances Peters Mrs. C. Pollion Miss H.C. Porritt Mrs. John Rogers, Jr. Mrs. Victor Sorchon Mrs. Paul Thompson Miss A.R. Tinker Mrs. A.F. Townsend Miss E.H. Traphagen Miss Lillian Wald Miss Wallace Miss K.R. Wells Mrs. Egerton Winthrop

April 18, 1912. Mrs. Alice M. Tyler,

  1. 800 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.

Dear Mrs. Tyler:- Many thanks for your letter of April 17th, just received. As Miss Johnston is away, I am writing to ask if you will take up two matters with her? First: The question of carrying the banner for your organization in the parade. We are anxious to have a Virginia banner carried on May 4th, and hope that Miss Johnston will bring it up with her when she comes. Second: The question of Miss Johnston and any other Virginia ladies, who may decide to come to New York, joining the special car which the District of Columbia Suffragists expect to use. Miss Alice T. Jenkins of #902- 23rd St., N.W., Washington, D.C. is the person to communicate with in regard to this matter. I wish that you and Mrs. Valentine were coming. It is a great disappointment to us to have neither of you and we are still hoping that your plans may change. Very sincerely yours, Caroline Lexow cl/t Miss Caroline Lexow Executive Secretary