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[bottom half of clipping repeats some text: Man and woman of the same flesh and blood, should stand on the plane of equality before the law as one. As individual persons in the same image, similarly gifted with the faculty of reason, the senses, mind, heart and soul, the law should not contemplate in its composition, man as "it" and woman nothing. Man is too stern and war-like where the tempering influence of woman is excluded. Man is naturally a creature of ambition, while woman, a finer organism, is a creature of sympathy and affections. The Creator doubtless intended it so, and that they should go hand in hand in fighting all the battles of life, moral, religious as well as political. The balance and equilibrium of justice and mercy are lost when you separate man and woman, and say nay to either, especially in matters of such all important concern as making the laws governing humanity and all human affairs. Pardon me for the digression, but in this connection let me say that my ideal heroine is the woman who remained with her husband on the sinking ship in the hour of his inevitable death. Man has had political sway a long time in the world, and the world's history is largely written in letters of carnage and blood. The better and brighter eternity of peace looks sadly on the pompous armaments of the nations with its tread of infantry, clothes ["clatter" handwritten over "clothes"] of cavalry, clanking clash of arms thundering battleships on many waters, while thousands of bodies and souls are perishing from hunger and want, shot and shell, and hundreds go down for the want of lifeboats at sea! Oh! for a tender potent voice of mercy and love in the political world, the gentle influence of en-suffraged woman at times to sweetly calm the storm raging in the heart of domineering man that our life equipments in peace may at least be as complete as our death equipments for war. After the likeness of woman are the angels fashioned. It was Isabella who laid down her jewelry. The stronger the arm of woman, the more mightily can she bruise the serpent's head. It is well known that men have tricked in politics, have looked to might rather than to right until politics are extensively a pandemonium of unrighteousness. The only conclusive remedy under the sun to inaugurate honesty, decency and all-round safety is for the woman folks, the mother, the wife, the daughter, the sister, the sweet heart to go out to the ballot box, and see what is what, and who is who, and by their influence and vote forever ground the dastardly crimes of boodle and booze, and partisian crookedness. Man bemeans himself considerately in the presence of ladies, quite so in the presence of those who hold his happiness immediately in charge. I repeat, Sir, to purify the ballot box, to suppress the liquor traffic, and to give a general square deal among mortals, the simple right of suffrage

[lines missing - see previous page for full transcription] a new and better era, remembering something of the gallantry of the men who went down on the Titanic, let's give to man and woman alike an equal chance in the fundamental laws of government, that earth may be a better abiding place for all; every heart safely and steadfastly rejoicing that the girls and boys in the future will have an equal advantage and standing under the laws of their country. HUGH M. ADDINGTON.