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Planning a Suffrage Meeting at a Summer Resort 1. Preliminary Work 1st. Study the town, hotel, boarding house, or community to learn a) The most influential people. b) Persons most interested in Suffrage. c) Best organized Clubs, etc. d) Attitude towards suffrage of Clergyman, School Superintendent, town officials, Newspaper. 2nd. Get acquainted as widely as possible. Be a democrat. Know and try to like everybody. 3rd. Get in touch with local interests. Find out why the place needs the women's vote. 4th. See the editor or editors of the newspaper, if there is one. 5th. Ally yourself with any Suffrage Club or any Club willing to ally. 6th. do the thing with the town rather than for it. II. More Immediate Plans 1st. Arrange a meeting place. if possible have the meeting in the open air. Walt Whitman says, "I think all great deeds were conceived in the open air." If this is not desirable engage a hall or parlor, if possible. 2nd. Discover known or unsuspected speaking ability, and engage local speakers, if possible, and have two or three rather than one. 3rd. Take up a collection to defray expenses; if funds are unavailable apply for help. 4th. Publicity. Write a telling account of what the Suffrage meeting will be and why it is to be held. Publish this in the paper, if there is one. Announce the meeting through Clubs, churches, in boarding houses, hotels, and through notices put up in all public places, and in every way ingenuity can devise. III. Organize a Suffrage Club if there is none. Be content with nothing less. IV. Report to your State Suffrage Association if you had ha a meeting and with what success. SAMPLE PROGRAMS VOTES FOR WOMEN BIG MEETING AT THE SOLDIERS' MONUMENT Glenville, July 6, 1912, at 8 p.m. Harrigan's Band Speakers Mr. "Why Our Town Needs the Women's Votes" Mrs. "Why We Women Can Help Our Town With Our Votes" Mrs. "What Our Votes Can Do For Our Homes" VOTES FOR WOMEN BIG MEETING ON THE BASEBALL FIELD Mt. Upton, N.Y., July 15, 1912, at 5 p.m. Fife and Drum Corps Speakers Miss "Why Men and Women Should Go to the Polls Together" Mr. "Why My Wife Needs a Vote" Mrs. "Why My Daughter Needs a Vote" VOTES FOR WOMEN BIG MEETING IN OLIVER HALL Berlin, August 10, 1012, at 8 p.m. Violin Solo Speakers Mrs. "What Women's Voting Will Do for Men" Mr. "What Women's Voting Will Do for Women" Mrs. "What Women's Voting Will Do for Children" If you want more of these leaflets send to National Suffrage Headquarters, 505 Fifth Ave., New York City.