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I would be almost crushed by the sense of failure, but Culpeper conditions are very [illegible] and I could hardly hope to succeed with a people who would reject such a leader as Mr. Ware. [illegible] that did, just [illegible] we organized I soon realized that a "masterly machinery" would be my [illegible] and as long as I [illegible] the nominal head, we [illegible] would do anything. Miss [illegible] has friended & called the nominal fee of twenty-five cents from all the members but fearing she may unduly delay it I am sending Mrs. Kidd a cheque for $2 from the Wares. I wish I could make it a thousand! I do not know through whose kindness "The woman's [illegible] " has been sent to me, but if you know, will you do me the kindness to express my great appreciation and enjoyment of it? I am sending in my personal [illegible] now, and would be glad to have the [illegible] to Mrs. Fred Porter. It is needless to add, dear Mr. Tyler, that I give up these happy abbreviations with the noble suffrage workers of Virginia most [illegible] and with a