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Miss Johnston, yet I can not doubt for a moment that Miss Johnston's name will gain a good audience. The Court Square Theatre- the auditorium in the Court House would be the best hall for the purpose. The charge for this for one night would be $2.50 if no admittance fee is charged at door; this is to cover the expense of light. If there is a charge at door, the charge is $15.00. The gentleman who has this matter in charge tells me the auditorium is engaged for the night of Oct. 2nd, 3d, 4th, & 5th, at which time the county fair is in progress here. This gentleman is a sympathizer with the suffrage cause, and I think would help make this meeting a success. Some ladies of my acquaintance will joint me in doing what we can to gather an interested, if not a sympathetic, audience. Let me say that if Mrs. Valentine