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[Letterhead] N.J.S.F Unity Organized 1894 Incorporated 1914

New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs Mrs. Charles W. Stockton, President [crossed out "President"] Paramus Road, Ridgewood, N. J.

May 9th, 1917.

Miss Virginia S.McKemerer, 137 S. Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va.

My dear Miss McKenner:

Your letter of the 28th reached me just as I was preparing for the last convention of my term of office, and until now I have been too much engaged with convention affair[s] to reply.

Although I have now gone out of office, [I] think I can give you what information there is on the college matter.

Mrs. Douglas has been ill for nearly two years and I have been carrying on her work.

We did start out to raise money which would enable us to start a girls college to be affiliated with Rutgers, but so far have been abl[e] to raise only about half the amount. We find thi[s] a rather difficult time to gain the interest and attention and our matter is being rather held in abeyance at present. We have not deemed the t[illegible] time ripe for pushing in the state legislature as yet.

I trust your present effort with your legislature may be successful, and will look for such an announcement.

Sincerely yours, Lillian J. Stockton [signature]