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--2-- Moreover, I speak in the presence of another man who has borne his full part in the upbuilding of our System. The splendid development of Eastern Kentucky bears the marks of his handiwork. For eleven years, it was my honor to obey his orders. I can bear witness to his work. With him, I have ridden on horse-back in the rough region of Big Sandy when we were carrying our line into that wonderful coal territory. He is a son of Kentucky - one of her best. I name to you Garrett Buckner Wall, one of the upbuilders of Railways. We come from the fast thinning ranks of veteran Railroad Builders to join with you in the dedication of this fitting monument to the memory of those whose bold genius built the first Railway west of the Alleghenies. Too often, the memory of men like these dies with them. They labored when the days were not illumined as they are for you, students in these Engineering Schools. These Schools are the offspring of their work. Your horizon here is far reaching, because you are standing on the shoulders of these Pioneers. We Engineers are ever the advance guard of progress, of civilization. Often in our work a stone must be our pillow, the stars our canopy, our horses our dearest friend, our only companion. But, even as in our lonely, rugged rides, we have seen from the summit of some mountain visions that were more to us than food or drink, or the comforts left far behind, so out of our work has come to us veterans precious memories that bless us because of our joy in our work. We come to dedicate this monument. But I am thinking of another scene when a great company of people came in the month of November, 1863, to dedicate the blood consecrated field of Gettysburg to the memory of the heroic hosts that died there - that died because to die was their duty. That dedication, then scarcely understood, has come to mean a tribute also to those grey columns that made the high tide of the Army of Northern Virginia. Leaving behind them, among their dead, Garnett and Armistead, among their wounded, Kemper, their three Brigade Commanders, a remnant.