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--3-- defeated, but unafraid, came back to beg of their great Chief that they might charge again. That day, Mr. Lincoln, in words of matchless simplicity and eloquence, told his people that in no sense could they dedicate or consecrate that ground already hallowed. Rather had they come to dedicate, to consecrate themselves to their country's good, so that the Government of the people, by the people, for the people, might not perish from the earth. You say that I am comparing the small with the great? But remember that Life is not a single great act. The great Life is the one spent in obedience to Truth, and "The sum of the consummations of Truth make up the soul." (Epictetus) This day should be to you a self-dedication to loyalty to Truth, to duty, to the lofty traditions of your chosen profession. That is why I have summoned to your thoughts that day when Mr. Lincoln showed to his people, showed to us who were to come after, the lofty spirit of self-consecration. These men whose labors we commemorate labored when the days were dark. I call the roll of some of them, and summon their spirits to be here with us: Elisha I. Winter; John Brand; Benjamin Gratz; George Boswell; Walter Dunn; Richard Higgins; Henry Clay; Joseph Bruen; Henry C. Payne; Elisha Warfield; Benjamin Dudley; and Charlton Hunt. Even though my voice may not reach them, yet they are here with us in the presence of their descendants. And I name some of them whose Engineering skill speaks in this monument: Mr. Kneess, Chief Engineer; Mr. Bruen, who built the first locomotive; Col. L. H. Long; Mr. Welch, and my friend now gone, Captain William A. Gunn. You who are about to go forth from here, go well panoplied for the fight. Difficulties will best your way. But remember that Epictetus has said: "Difficulties are the things that show what men are. For the future, on any diffi-