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[state seal] VIRGINIA SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS Commonwealth of Virginia House of Delegates Richmond. February 12, 1916. James H. Price City of Richmond Richmond, VA. My dear Miss Kathryn, I have your note of some days ago with respect to the Coordinate College, and I am greatly obliged for this expression of your interest in this matter. Mrs. Munford has had me in her training class for some time, but I don't know whether she is entirely satisfied with my progress, or not. Dr. Chandler, Mr. Saunders and others have also taken the matter up with me. I am in hearty sympathy with the movement, but I confess that when and where have given me considerable concern- just a matter of expediency at the present time, when conditions are so unsettled, and when business people are in open rebellion against not only the already burdensome tax imposed on them, but the system as well. I understand the present bill carries no appropriation, and perhaps these difficulties can be overcome. Cordially, James H Price