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October 31, 1918. My dear Mrs. Lewis;- Yours of the 27th giving delegates to the Norfolk Convention received and the list has been sent on to Norfolk so that due preparation can be made for those who are to be entertained. Dr. Shaw is campaigning in West Virginia and we have no means of knowing her address there, but a letter sent to the National, 171 Madison Ave., New York will be forwarded to her at once, and we think that is the quickest way to reach her anyway as her address is changing from day to day and letters sent to W. Va. would in all probability have to be forwarded several times unless we knew exactly where to send them at first, as the National does, of course. I owe you an apology for not getting the literature to you for the Clarksville meeting, It was sent all right, but was held up by some P.O. clerk who said it lacked one cent on the postage and was returned to us. I am sorry it happened so but "The best laid plans of mice and men"-you know------- We were just charmed at the work you did in Lunenburg. None of us dared to even hope for a league there and would have been most satisfied to learn that the people had really been just civil. But when you wrote that you had actually formed a league we could hardly believe the good news. I don't despair of any other place now. Miss Ellen Robinson expects to be in Norfolk, and we have written to Mrs. Meade urging her to come also, but do not know whether or not Mrs. Taylor Burke can get off, She has been in Richmond for quite a while helping to nurse her sister who has been ill with typhoid. However, we have written her telling her that you were anxious to have a meeting of the District Chairmen. We do not think you will find any difficulty in finding an opportunity for the meeting of your Chairmen.