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March, 3, 1917.

Miss Marie Spink, Circulation Manager, Woman's Journal and Suffrage News, Boston, Mass.

My dear Miss Spink:

We have received your letter of February, 27, addressed to Mrs. Alice Overbay Taylor.

We are entirely in sympathy with any movement to bring the Journal into more general circulation in Virginia. With this in view, we mailed to you under separate cover, yesterday, a copy of our year Book which contains the names of the presidents or chairman of the 115 leagues already organized in Virginia. We wish you to send to each of these chairmen not already on your mailing list, a copy of the present issue of the Journal, viz.,March, 3, edition. Please advise us when this has been done, as we have notified these members that it is to be done.

Besides wishing to call their attention to the Note sent to President Wilson and the Government by the Nation Executive Council, we wish to stimulate their interest in the Journal itself

With my usual weekly contribution of Virginia news, I am enclosing an item which appears to [illegible] to be interesting. It is copied from the history of The Aztecs, by A. Van Doren Honeyman, and the seventh paragraph demonstrates the fact that the first American women to cast votes did so before America was discovered. My attention was called to this by the Rev. E.E Osgood, rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Brook Hill, VA. who is an ardent suffragist. If you have not already given this information in some previous number of the Journal, you may care to use it.

Please not on this letterhead, as well as in the Year Book, our officers for the present year.

With best wishes, believe me, Cordially yours, Executive Secretary