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Helen H.G. Harrisonburg, Va DAILY NEWS RECORD, HARR PAGE TWO ASKS VOTE FOR FOR WOMEN THINKS PARTY WRONG NOT TO FAVOR IT NOW Mr. Editor I note what you say this morning as to Senator Conrad;s position on the Federal amendment granting woman suffrage. I think myself that it would have been better to postpone this question to the regular session when the question might have been discussed before the voters by candidates for legislative honors, than to have prec pitated its consideration at this special session, called for a particular purpose. So far as I am personally concerned it makes little difference. I had long since settled the question in my own mind favorable to giving our mothers, our wives and our daughters the same political priviliges we enjoy. I have no doubt but that they are just as well qualified to exercise this function of government as are the male members of our population. I remember the glorious record of the women of the South, with what devotion they suffered and toiled, and the sacrifices they made for their country and their loved ones. If that had been forgotten, the record made by the women of our land in the recent world's war would be enough. Already, women have the right to vote in almost half the states of the Union. If I am correctly informed they will have the right to vote for president a year hence in twenty states. Why not let our Virginia women have the same privilege enjoyed by those of other states? The adoption of the Federal amendment by the necessary three-fourths of the states in the near future is inevitable. Why not recognize this fact and divest ourselves of our political prejudices and our pre-conceived notions? Why not join the procession and help to make unanimous the political equality of women, and recognize them as folks--our equal in every respect? in our inmost hearts we know that in most they are our superiors. I hope the Democratic convention next Saturday will not allow the Republicans to put our party at a disadvantage on this live question of the day. Respectfully Geo. B. Keezell September 2, 1919

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