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John W. Cherry Norfolk, Virginia November 10th, 1919. Mrs. Jessie E. Townsend, Legislative Chairman, Dear Mrs. Townsend: - Yours of Nov. 6th duly to hand, requesting my presence at Red Circle Hall, No. 2, on Friday, Nov. 14th. I appreciate the invitation, but am afraid that my engagements will prevent my being present at the meeting on the date named. Remembering, as I do, the conversation I had with you at Richmond during the Special Session of the Legislature; and recalling also your intense interest in the matter of Equal Suffrage, I regret that I cannot look with some degree of favor on the proposed Federal Amendment; and regret still more, that the ladies of your League cannot see the danger that is so apparent in this proposed Amendment; danger to the peace and order in our State at this time. I AM A STATE-RIGHT MAN, believing in the RIGHT of the various states to regulate certain matters within their borders; and while I would NOT oppose the demand of a reasonable minority of the women of our State for Equal Suffrage, I will not now, or any any future time, VOTE for an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States conferring such a privilege. In this I do not wish you, or those associated with you, to understand that I am a rapid and uncompromising opponent to Equal Suffrage; But rather that I am opposed to AMENDMENTS to the Federal Constitution. Moreover, I DO NOT believe that a sufficient number of States will vote for this Amendment to make it effective.