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[imprinted letterhead] Leslie Woman Suffrage Commission, Inc. Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, President History Of Woman Suffrage Volume V now in Preparation Mrs. Ida Husted Harper Editor Telephone 4818 Murray Hill 171 Madison Avenue New York, December 16, 1919.

My dear Mrs. Cowles: Your letter is just received and I can quite understand the cause of its delay and forgive it. Of course where I can be sure of having the chapter by February, I can wait for it, but with most of my writers I feel that it is better to insist upon January. Please follow the form in the chapter from Volume IV which I sent you, as i want all of them to be exactly uniform. While Virginia has made good history, it is not very long, and so it ought not to be a great task to write the chapter but still it is always difficult to get exact statistics, which of course I must have. Let me hear if there is anything more that I can do to help you. I tried to anticipate every question in that long letter of suggestions, which I am hoping that my writers will follow. Very sincerely yours, Ida Husted Harper