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[letterhead] Miss Ada P. Gold Miss Avis A. Hechler Miss Virginia P. Binford

Richmond Letter Shop Typewritten Letters Multigraphed In Any Quantities

Letters Addressed, Folded and Inserted Envelops Addressed, Stamped, Sealed and Mailed. Multigraphed Circular Letters Mailing Lists Furnished

Quality Work No. 12 North Ninth Street Room 202 Remington Building Phone Randolph 3926

Richmond, Va., April 7th, 1920. Equal Suffrage League, 4th & Grave Sts., City.

Attention: Mrs. Edith Coles.

Dear Mrs. Coles: Enclosed you will find check for $2.00 to cover the subscription of the RICHMOND LETTER SHOP to the Woman Citizen. Please send it to our office address, Room 611 American National Bank Building, Richmond, Va. With our good wishes for you and the cause, we beg to remain Sincerely yours, RICHMOND LETTER SHOP By Virginia P. Binford

[illegible] to MRs. Adkins April 8/20