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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia 100 N. 4th. St., Richmond, Va. April, 8, 1920. Dear Co-Worker:- Now that our enfranchisement is practically assured, our work of the immediate future is one of preparation for voting citizenship. To this end we are anxious to avail ourselves of every opportunity for the study and consideration of governmental procedure, and to hold Citizenship Institutes in any locality desiring such instruction. COLLEGES--- William and Mary College is holding for us in Richmond weekly, an extension course in political science which carries with it college credit and a certificate upon examination. These classes are well attended. At our request, the UNIVERSITY of VIRGINIA will hold a Citizenship Conference there, April, 22, 23, 24, at which experts will conduct an intensive Institute on governmental procedure, concluding with a practical voting demonstration. Democratic and Republican women from all over the state are to be invited to attend this Conference, and I urge you to make a special effort to be present. This launching of a campaign for intelligent citizenship is too important for you to miss. The University will offer a course in Civics in its Summer School. Harris Hart, State Superintendent of Schools, has promised to include a course in Civics in the SUMMER NORMAL SCHOOLS; and he is permitting our representative to present the subject to Teachers' Institutes. CITIZENSHIP INSTITUTES--- It is our intention, with your cooperation, to hold CItzenship Institutes of two or three days' duration, or longer if desired, in any locality wishing such instruction. The details for these Institutes are now being worked out at Headquarters by our Institute Directors, the executive secretary of the League, Mrs. Edith Clark Cowles, Miss Mary Elizabeth Pidgeon of the National Association, and Miss Adele Clark, vice-chairman, Citizenship Committee. I am forming a State Central Committee on Citizenship Institutes to be composed of the heads of organizations and other representative women in the State--- for instance, Mrs. B. B. [Mary-Cooke Branch] Munford--the Co-operative Educational Association; Miss Katherine Hawes--Y.W.C.A.; Mrs. W.C. James--the Baptist Women's Missionary Union; Mrs. R. H. Potts--Women's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church; Mrs. H. E. Parker--the Federated Women's Clubs; Dr. Kate Waller Barrett--the D. A. R's; Mrs. Howard Hoge--the W. C. T. U.; Mrs. G. Harvey [Mary Ellen Pollard] Clarke, our state chairman of political study and research; and others who will encourage the study of citizenship in their respective organizations. FINANCES--- In order to carry on this work, we should be financially able to engage two or more Directors of Institutes, and to maintain State Headquarters for the purpose of planning work, itineraries, etc. The local people will be asked to pay railway fare and entertainment of instructors, engage or provide a meeting place, assist in working up interest and securing co-operation of local speakers; but this will not cover the expense of such work. Mrs. Archer G. Jones--Richmond-- has consented to serve as State Chairman of Ways and Means, and is appealing to representative men and women to support this work for six months, if not for one year. It is estimated that a budget of at least $5,000 for six months will be required. We are asking for one hundred dollar subscriptions from prominent men from various parts of the State, and are meeting with some success. What is your League willing to contribute? What money can you raise for this purpose in your locality? This is only another form of good Americanization, and should appeal from that standpoint. The hitherto unawakened women must be reached. We must get out the woman vote. And, if we who are prepared to do this, should not finish the work for which we have toiled for ten years, others less fitted may do it less efficiently, or it may not be done at all. To carry our work to a successful conclusion, it must be financed. Some definite decision must be reached before the meeting at the University. What are you willing to do? Please talk this over among your League or with men and women who are interested in intelligent citizenship, and let me have your reply, pro or con, within a week. Cordially yours, Lila Meade Valentine (Mrs. B. B. Valentine) President.