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LECTURES ON CITIZENSHIP. Subjects offered. Local Government and the home. Election and Primary Laws in Virginia. (with voting demonstration) Platform and Principles of the League of Women Voters. Local, State and National Functions of Government. Organizations of Legislature, and Process of Psssing Bills. Growth of Popular Government in Virginia, and in the United States. Political Divisions of Virginia. Party Platforms and History. City Government and Officials. Organization of Congress and Pending Reconstruction Legislation. (Other subjects supplied on request)

The VIRGINIA CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE offers to conduct CITIZENSHIP INSTITUTES OF TWO OR THREE DAYS' DURATION, on request of any group of people in the state. The expense to the locality for an Institute or single lecture will be nominal--railroad fare, entertainment of instructors, etc. For further particulars address: Mrs. Edith Clark Cowles, Executive Secretary, 100 N. 4th. St., Richmond, Va.