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[letterhead] EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA AFFILIATED WITH NATIONAL AMERICAN WOMAN SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT MRS. B. B. [VALENTINE, RICHMOND, VA. CHAIRMAN COMMITTEE ON PROTECTION OF WOMAN'S LABOR MRS. D. MILES TAYLOR, RICHMOND, VA. CHAIRMAN FOOD PRODUCTION AND CONSERVATION MRS. JOHN G. MUNCE, RICHMOND, VA. CHAIRMAN WOMAN CITIZEN SUBSCRIPTIONS MISS HELEN STOCKDELL, RICHMOND, VA. STATE HEADQUARTERS 100 NORTH 4TH STREET, RICHMOND, VA. VICE-PRESIDENTS MRS. JOHN H. LEWIS, LYNCHBURG, VA. MRS. W. T. YANCEY, BEDFORD, VA. MRS. C. E. TOWNSEND, NORFOLK, VA. MRS. J. H. WHITNER, R.D. 3, ROANOKE, VA. MRS. FAITH W. MORGAN R.D. 1, HAMPTON, VA. TREASURER MRS. E. G. KIDD, RICHMOND, VA. AUDITOR MRS. S. M. BLOCK, RICHMOND, VA. RECORDING SECRETARY MISS ROBERTA WELLFORD, UNIVERSITY, VA. EXECUTIVE AND PRESS SECRETARY MRS. EDITH CLARK COWLES, RICHMOND, VA. HEADQUARTER'S SECRETARY MISS IDA M. THOMPSON, RICHMOND, VA. CHAIRMAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE MRS. JOHN H. LEWIS, LYNCHBURG, VA. CHAIRMAN POLITICAL STUDY AND RESEARCH MRS. G HARVEY CLARKE, RICHMOND, VA. June, 16, 1920. Dear Mrs. Townsend:- We have held your letter of May, 27th. from day to day in the hope that it might be brought to Mrs. Valentine's attention, but her condition so far does not warrant any consideration of business. In fact, her sisters are allowed to see her only once a day, and then for but a few moments, and they do not talk to her of any business matter, and do not even read the daily papers to her. Of late her general condition has been more satisfactory, and we all hope and pray that what little improvement there is may become permanent, but we must face the fat that it will very likely be weeks, if not months before she can resume her duties at the League, or be consulted at home on any of its problems. In the meanwhile, you are not alone in your desire to drop the work if you cannot give it your fuller attention. Certain officers of the Richmond League feel the same way, and we have asked them, as we are now about to ask you, to permit your name and title to remain as it is for the present, and for the following reasons which appear to us to be good reasons, and we which are sure will appeal to you as such. Until the 36th. state ratifies, we are in a transition period, and except for such Citizenship Institute as we may be able to conduct in co-operation with the University, we are tying up the loose ends of our past work--neglected in the rush of the Legislature,- and are holding ourselves together for the rush which we know will be ahead of us as soon as we attain citizenship, and demands begin to multiply for more Institutes. Naturally, we wish to become a League of Women Voters, and equally as naturally, as soon as this is possible, it will necessitate the holding of a Convention or a meeting of some kind for the purpose of electing officers of the new League, formulating a new Constitution, by-laws, etc., and perfecting a new organization. When this happens, if our present officers feel that they cannot continue to serve and that they do not wish their names slated for service, they can so state, and the problem will be easily solved, for no person will be nominated who has not first been consulted as to whether she can serve, if elected. This has seemed to us to simplest and least complicated way of holding together our present organization and of merging into the new one. Surely it is the least destructive, and, as this season is not one of great activity, our officers should not find themselves called upon for extra effort, and, if they were, and could not make the effort, they can easily be excused.