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EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA AFFILIATED WITH NATIONAL AMERICAN WOMAN SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT MRS. B. B. [Lila Meade] VALENTINE, RICHMOND, VA. CHAIRMAN COMMITTEE ON PROTECTION OF WOMAN'S LABOR MRS. D. MILES TAYLOR, RICHMOND, VA. CHAIRMAN FOOD PRODUCTION AND CONSERVATION MRS. JOHN G. MUNCE, RICHMOND, VA. CHAIRMAN WOMAN CITIZEN SUBSCRIPTIONS MISS HELEN STOCKDELL, RICHMOND, VA. STATE HEADQUARTERS 100 NORTH 4TH STREET, RICHMOND, VA. VICE-PRESIDENTS MRS. JOHN H. LEWIS, LYNCHBURG, VA. MRS. W. T. YANCEY, BEDFORD, VA. MRS. C. E. TOWNSEND, NORFOLK, VA. MRS. J. H. WHITNER, R.D. 3, ROANOKE, VA. MRS. FAITH W. MORGAN R.D. 1, HAMPTON, VA. TREASURER MRS. E. G. KIDD, RICHMOND, VA. AUDITOR MRS. S. M. BLOCK, RICHMOND, VA. RECORDING SECRETARY MISS ROBERTA WELLFORD, UNIVERSITY, VA. EXECUTIVE AND PRESS SECRETARY MRS. EDITH CLARK COWLES, RICHMOND, VA. HEADQUARTER'S SECRETARY MISS IDA M. THOMPSON, RICHMOND, VA. CHAIRMAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE MRS. JOHN H. LEWIS, LYNCHBURG, VA. CHAIRMAN POLITICAL STUDY AND RESEARCH MRS. G HARVEY CLARKE, RICHMOND, VA. June, 16, 1920. Dear Suffragist:- We are enclosing for your information a statement with the request that you read it carefully and give it your thoughtful attention. Despite our long years of work to secure the right to vote, the exercise of that right will be a new experience, and in order that we may avoid mistakes, it is well that we should seriously consider tha public records of candidates for office before pledging ourselves to their support. The enclosed statement is sent, therefore, in the spirit of laying before you facts from which you can draw conclusions enabling you to make a wise decision in the matter of support or non-support of any candidate. So far, Mr. Tucker is the only avowed candidate for nomination in the Democratic primary of 1921. It is entirely probable that other candidates for nomination by one or more of the political parties will be announced, and it is hoped that a candidate will offer who has stood for the things in which women are interested, -- education, temperance, child welfare, social morality, and woman suffrage. Keep in mind that it is essential that you pay your poll tax as soon as it is assessible against you, and be prepared to take part in the first possible election. Sincerely yours, Lila Meade Valentine (Mrs. B. B. Valentine) President.