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[letterhead] Virginia Republican State Headquarters. State Committee. State Executive Committee. Permanent Headquarters, Harrisonburg, VA. Joseph L. Crupper, State Chairman, Falls Church, VA. R.O. Crockett, Vice-Chairman, Tazewell, Va. Chas. [Charles] A. Hammer, Secretary, Harrisonburg. C.B. Slemp, National Committeeman, Big Stone Gap, Va. Washington, D.C. R. H. Angell, Treasurer, Roanoke. Executive Committeemen, First District, C.F. Hicks, Port Royal. Second District, Luther B. Way, Norfolk, Third District, J.P. Brady, Richmond, Fourth District, W.B. Alfred, Clarksville. Fifth District, Dexter Goad, Hillsville. Sixth District, James E. Proffitt, Floyd. Seventh District, B.B. Bowman, Edinburg. Eigthh District, R.E. Wine, Manassas. Ninth District, R.W. Dickenson, Castlewood. Tenth District, Duncan Curry, Staunton. At Large J.W. McGavock, Max Meadows, C.J. Smithers, Cape Charles, W. Lee Brand, Salam, Harry Fulwiler, Buchannan, Chas. A. Hammer, Harrisonburg, G M. Tucker, Danville

July 10th, 1920. TO THE WOMEN OF VIRGINIA: You will soon have conferred upon you the privilege of casting a ballot, despite the efforts of the Democratic Party in this state, to keep it from you. On February 13th, 1920, the Legislature of Virginia, controlled by the Democratic Party, refused to ratify the nineteenth amendment to the Federal Constitution. Twenty-nine Republican and six Democratic states have ratified the amendment. But one more state is needed. Had the legislature of Virginia acted favorably upon your petition and ratified this amendment, your right to the ballot would now be an accomplished fact. As it is, it is only deferred for a short while, for some progressive state will soon ratify and then all will be over. Just as soon as the Nineteenth Amendment is ratified, and its ratification proclaimed, your rights as a citizen to vote will be established. To avail yourself of the privilege you should then go to your city or county treasurer, pay him $1.50 poll tax, get a receipt for your money, take this receipt to the registrar of your precinct and reply in "your own handwriting stating without aid, suggestion or memorandum in the presence of the Registrar (1) your name, (2) your age, (3) date and place of birth, (4) residence at the time and for the preceding two years, (5) occupation at the time and for the two years next preceding, and (6) whether you have ever voted. For your guidance the form on the back of this letter is suggested. This organization tenders its aid to you regardless of your political affiliations. This privilege has too long been denied you, and many obstacles have been thrown in your way by those opposed. Should any registrar obstruct or unfairly deny you the right to register get in touch with the City or County Chairman of our party in your City or County. It is the right and duty of all to register and vote and we will do all in our power to see that you are in a position to exercise this privilege. Very truly yours, Chas. A. Hammer, Secretary [stamped] Mrs. Geo. E. Bowden District Chariman 819 Westover Avenue Norfolk Va.