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[letterhead] Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Norfolk, Va..

President-Pauline Forstall Adams 400 Colonial Avenue phone 1014 Secretary-Miss Sarah Sandridge 150 Main Street Berkley phone 312, Berkley Treasurer-Mrs. Chas. Townsend 209 Freemason Street Phone 3189

1st Vice-President-Mrs. Harry M. Bain 5 3 Raleigh Avenue 2nd Vice-President-Mrs. Wm. L. Tait 416 Mobray Arch Honorary vice-presidents Louise Collier Wilcov Ethel Neeley Ellen Duval [Letterhead]

Oct. 16, 1912 My dear Mrs. Tyler, The following delegates have been placed and some written to at 800 Broad Street wihout % [Eaqual?] Suffrage or each so you had better ask the postman to look out for them [&?] leave with you any letters for the following people: Mrs Benj. Crump Miss Louis Crump Hostesses Miss Ethel Neeley, 517 Colonial Ave. Mrs J. Tyler [Jobson?] Mrs F. L. [Jobson?] Mrs. E. J. Townsend 209 Freemason Street Mrs J. [W?] Durham-Mrs Leitch 432 Fairfax Ave. Mrs C. J. Bastrup-Mrs Charles [Couper?] Willoughby Beach Mrs G. M. [illegible]-Mrs Annie M. Savage 86 York Street Miss Fitzhugh (Fredericksburg)-Mrs. H. M. Bain 5 C. Raleigh Ave Mrs Cassell (Staunton)-Mrs. L. C. [Challendar?] 819 Colley Avenue