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[Letterhead] Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Norfolk, Va. President-Pauline Forstall Adams 400 Colonial Avenue phone 1014 Secretary-Miss Sarah Sandridge 150 Main Street Berkley phone 312, Berkley Treasurer-Mrs. Chas. Townsend 209 Freemason Street Phone 3189

1st Vice-President-Mrs. Harry M. Bain 5 E Raleigh Avenue 2nd Vice-President-Mrs. Wm. L. Tait 416 Mobray Arch Honorary vice-presidents Louise Collier Wilcox Ethel Neeley Ellen Duval

If Mrs Lettevich is a jewess I might place her with a family of that persuasion. We have an intelligent jewess who is the wife of a grocer but I have not asked her to take any one not knowing who would be suitable. Please write me the names of the state officers and tell those ones who wish to be entertained. I will let you know of any others just as soon as I hear. Of course all the delegates are invited to the "tea" at the Country Club. I thought it would be unnecessary to send cards to them. Did you get the eight dollars I sent you when I was up at the State Fair? I saw my treasurer for the first time yesterday. She has [three?] more for you. My typewriter has broken down and I feel quite lost. Very truly yours Pauline Forstall Adams (over)