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To Send Literature Nov 11, 1912. Dear Mrs. Tyler: replying to yours of recent date, I do not believe that the Suffrage movement would be considered favorably here at this time. I don't think the people here have ever thought of it and really I don't think they know anything about it. I think maybe if they did know something of it they would become interested. I know very little about it myself and would be glad to get some information on the subject. In fact, I should like very much to know all there is to know on the subject and I would be delighted to pass on such information to the few friends I have here but because I know so little of it and because I have so few friends here, I am not the right person to undertake to found a League. During the two years that I have lived here, I have not mixed with the people socially, so do not know them well. I think if you could get into