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-2- million women are enfranchised, and the number of suffragists is growing so rapidly that the statistics of one month are outgrown by the next. She bases her belief that Equal Suffrage, by doubling the negro vote, has a peculiar menace for the south, on the ground that half of the population is coloured. As a matter of fact, in Virginia--and in the South as a whole--the negro composes only thirty-two percent of the population! The white women alone out number the entire coloured population male and female. And it is needless to say that the vote of the illiterate and unintelligent negro woman would be reduced by the same laws which restrict the vote of the men of that race. The alien question is not ours as yet. In those parts of the country where it is to be taken into account, where there are twelve male immigrants to one female; Equal Suffrage, in bringing out the native born woman's vote would keep that very