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-3- That Colorado, which stood third on the list of states educationally, ten years ago, has now dropped to seventh place is proof to her that suffrage pudding is not good eating. She omitted to say however, that other suffrage states have risen, and that one of them - the state of Washington, stands first on the list today. Another, is Mrs. Ida Husted Harper's admission that suffragists in California had supported the Socialists. It is quite true that when it comes to a political campaign, suffragists, like anti-suffragists, welcome the support of the political parties in their states. Republican, Democratic, Progressive or Socialist since it is the aid of the voters that they want. That does not mean that enfranchised women vote as a body in definite political alliance. It seems almost superfluous to say again what has been said so often, that suffragists have no party; but vote in all parties, according to their political faiths after the vote is won.