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-5- a nine hour law for women after less than two years of effort by its advocates. Women with votes got this law from the first legislature of which they asked it. Of all the states, only the three suffrage states of Colorado, Washington and California have eight hour law for women. It should be remembered that it is the custom in suffrage states that women teachers shall receive the same pay as men when they do work of the same grade, not that their average pay shall be the same. Also that in all the suffrage states educational positions are open to women and the salary graded according to position, not according to sex. In New York City where the teachers worked for six years to get the "equal pay for equal work" law Miss Strachan, who led their campaign is a suffragist, and believes that it would have been less difficult if they had had the ballot. In short, to quote Miss Abbott of Hull House & Miss Breckenridge of the Uni-