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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia President Mrs. B. B. [Lila Meade] Valentine 2338 Monument Ave., Richmond, VA.

Hon. Vice-Presidents Mrs. Louise Collier Willcox, Norfolk, VA. Miss Ellen Glasgow, Richmond, VA. Mrs. Kate Langley Bosher, Richmond, VA. Mrs. Kate Waller Barret, Alexandria, VA

VICE-PRESIDENTS Miss Mary Johnston, Richmond, VA Mrs. J. H. [Elizabeth Langhorne Dabney] Lewis, Lynchburg, VA. Mrs. W. J. [Pauline Forstall Colclough] Adams, Norfolk, VA Mrs. C. V. [Sophie Gooding Rose ]Meredith, Richmond, VA Mrs. Stephen [Belly Ellison "Ellie" Withers] Putney, Wytheville, VA

Mrs. G. M. [Grace Hening] Smithdeal, Recording Secretary. Mrs. Alice O. Taylor, Headquarters Secretary Mrs. E. G. [Ellen Gertrude Tompkins] Kidd, Treasurer Mrs. John S. Munce, Auditor of Richmond, VA

State Headquarters, Richmond, Va. Commercial Building, Second Street Between Broad and Grace Sept., 15-1914

Dear President:

Our State Convention will be held in Roanoke November 9th and 10th inclusive. The Hospitality Committee of Roanoke has already begun making arrangements for placing as many delegates as possible in private homes Therefore, we urge the various local leagues to elect their delegates (and alternates) as early in October as possible and FORWARD THEIR NAMES AND ADDRESSES to the Chairman of the Hospitality Committee, MISS LUCINDA TERRY, ROANOKE, VA., at the earliest possible moment.

You are entitled to one delegate for every 25 members, or major fraction thereof, whether dues-paying or not.

The National A.W.S. [American Woman Suffrage] Convention is held in Nashville, Tennessee, November 12th to 17th inclusive. For the benefit of the Nominating Committee, we would like for you to send to us at Headquarters the names of some of your members who could and would go to the National Convention as a delegate, if elected by the Roanoke Convention. Virginia is now an Auxiliary member of the National Association, and is entitled to TEN delegates. We wish these delegates to represent as far as possible the different portions of the State. It can readily be seen how important it is that the Nominating Committee should have in hand in advance a definite list of those who would serve.

The Roanoke Convention promises to be extremely interesting. Among others, it is possible that Miss Kate Gordon, Ruth McEnery Stuart and Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont may be there and will tell of the work being done for suffrage by the Southern States Woman Suffrage Conference.

The public is cordially invited to attend the public meetings of the State and National Conventions. We trust the attendance will be huge. It will be an inspiration to those present and impressive to onlookers.

Very truly yours,

Alice O. Taylor. Secretary